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Renting the most convenient vehicle in different locations has always been problematic.


When we travel we tend to book what we know in a rental, but what about what we don’t know?


Un clear, un-insured, time consuming.


Fixed; price, location, timetables, dealer.

and current approaches have all disadvantages

Traditional rentals

  • No comparison.
  • Inconvenient.
  • Expensive.
  • Time consuming.
  • Problematic planning.
  • ¿Safe?

Online platforms

  • Only one vehicle.
  • Limited locations.
  • Un-insured.
  • Traditional technology.

Value proposal

Our differential values

We are different, we offer adventure and unique experiences to our users, we concentrate our efforts on providing vehicles and transport experiences more convenient and relevant within an intuitive app

  • A

    Transportation Offer

    Individual owners and small local companies, the offer will be global, a fun alternative and different mobility in each location.

  • B


    Movby will certify the real identity of all its users and their history in other collaborative economy platforms.

  • C


    All transactions will be supported by Blockchain technology allowing users to create completely customized contracts for each of their transactions.

  • D


    Third Party Insurance: Process of insuring risks between 3rd persons and their vehicles with global insurers.

  • Smart Contract

    The entire transaction is configured and managed via smart contracts from the deposit to the disputes.

  • Expert evidence

    Our Blockchain allows us to store all the expert evidence of the transaction in a secure manner.

  • Secure transaction

    Only while the conditions are met the money is sent, meanwhile it remains in deposit.

Movby´s roadmap

Inspiring events and references to date

As an Airbnb host in Amsterdam we realized that the reservation rates were much higher when we offered bicycles with the room! Local peer to peer transportation need was discovered.

With our experience in the field of digital marketing we created the first corporate accounts on social networks and received inspiring feedback for the rental of p2p vehicles in the Netherlands. Where we reached quotas of followers of 5000 in Instagram and 1500 in Facebook.

Movby is selected amongst the top 10 of 600 as a ´´real future game-changing idea`` by the Phillips Innovation Awards.

Launch of the first functional prototype with sharetribe focused in the Netherlands.

Movby´s team is selected to participate in the Social Business Model Challenge for 6 months. Where we were advised among others by Accenture NL.

Movby is selected as mobility curator for the city of Amsterdam.

Launch of the functional prototype in wp with greater editability and benefits than sharetribe for the global concept, where we achieved p2p validations around the globe and in our b2c approach to share guided transport experiences and traditional rentals. Where we validate with more than 400 users and 80 vehicles and experiences around the globe.

Movby is known by the international press as the Transport Airbnb being published both by national and international media.

The Movby management team is selected as members of the co-working space of the Escuela de Organización Industrial (EOI) for the VI edition of the GO2WORK program.

Closing the circle; we have partnered up with international insurer Allianz.

After a family, friends and fools round we developed our MVP and marketed it. Now we are looking into financing our seed investment via participatory loan with the BBVA and Agencia IDEA we are looking for Angel investors and capital partners willing to endorse our project in return for equity. Please contact us for more information.


Proof of concept

Our proof of concept statistics








Movby has been inspired by these hard working gentlemen and gentlewoman right here.

Gonzalo de Velasco

Founder & CEO

International Comunications Management with minors in Entrepreneurship & Innovation por The Hague University of Applied Sciences de La Haya. Experience in Internalization in B. BUILDING BUSINESS in Amsterdam. 24 years as a traveler, lover of the engine and the means of transport.

field: Marketing & internationalization

Enrique Crespo

COO & CO-founder

ADE & Marketing by the CEU University of Madrid. Master in Business Online by the I.E business school of Madrid. Experience in web and app operations and management. Motorcycling enthusiast and experienced traveler.

field: Finance and operations

Angel Gómez


Electronics engineer, Valladolid University. Co-founder & CTO at ESDIT. Strong experience in Project Manager, Project Director and CTO. Mountain biker & runner.

field: Product and technological development

Isabel Campo

Press Representative

Former director of PC WORLD Spain and experience in media management and communication network management.

field: Press

Claudia Barrios

Graphic & Front end Designer

Audiovisual Communication and Advertising by the CEU University of Madrid. Master in Graphic Design by Lightbox Academy. Experience Content creator and Management in ATRESMEDIA.

field: Branding and front-end design

Sven Meyer

Network correspondent

Bachelor in International Business, Community Manager and Member of the PITCH Committee in Amsterdam

field: Markets

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